Toxaway Falls

Runner-up to Bridal Veil Falls as the easiest waterfall to reach in the area, Toxaway Falls certainly wins as the most dramatic easy-to-reach waterfall in the area. A winding 250’ cascade and slide, Toxaway Falls is viewable from multiple angles on Hwy. 64 East near Toxaway as the river passes under a bridge and over a cliff.

Usually, waterfalls are hazardous because of their slippery rocks and precipitous drops. If you visit Toxaway Falls, your only worry should be cars and trucks. There is a parking area off the westbound lane, and you will have to cross the road to see the waterfall. Please be careful. These are busy roads, and the dump truck population is on the rise.

There is a sort of overlook area adjacent to the highway. You can get there by walking all the way to the Cashiers end of the bridge before crossing the highway (the median is bigger on the north side of the road) or by simply hopping the barrier at the bridge.

This is a place you wouldn’t spend the day due to the short “hike” and road noise, but it is definitely worth a look.