Rainbow Falls

Rainbow Falls is definitely one of the most spectacular falls in the area. Part of a series of waterfalls on the Horsepasture River, the hike to Rainbow is absolutely first-class.

Access Rainbow falls from Gorges State Park’s Grassy Ridge entrance on Hwy. 281. Hike to the Horsepasture River in Pisgah National Forest.

Be careful around the top, as you could lose your step easily. BEWARE: You wouldn’t be the first to die here. But enjoy the view and even bring a picnic.

There are many trails down to rainbow once you start the descent. Stay on the “high road” for the easiest way down, which means keep left as you’re descending. The view from the wooden fence away from the fall is a great way to take in the entirety of its beauty. There are wildflowers growing here during much of the year. Head down towards to fall for a misty and windy experience of this giant.

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