Dry Falls

Dry Falls is a very easy waterfall to visit near Highlands. A parking lot lies just off of Hwy. 64 west of Highlands, and a short, paved path leads to a dramatic, walk-behind waterfall of about 40 feet.

From Cashiers, drive to Highlands on Hwy. 64 West and take a right at the second traffic light. Continue through town and straight through the next light. The road will wind down to the falls, just past Bridal Veil Falls.

Of all the easy-to-reach falls in the area, Dry Falls might be the most spectacular, allowing you to get wet as you walk behind the falls. A large, overhanging cliff spits the water well away from the path, and plants and mosses grow of the cliff face.

This area can be quite crowded, and parking is limited. For those of you who can’t make it down some of the more technical hikes in the area, Dry Falls is one of your best opportunities to experience the power and beauty of standing next to water simply making its way down the mountain.

If you make the trip to Dry Falls, make sure to visit nearby Bridal Veil Falls, which you pass on your way to Dry Falls. Until recently, cars could actually drive behind Bridal Veil. But a storm dislodged some rocks on the cliff.