Bridal Veil Falls

Located just yards from Hwy. 64 west of Highlands, Bridal Veil Falls is the easiest waterfall to find in the area. A small stream plummets about 30 feet in a light roadside trickle.

Bridal Veil shoots down the cliff on the upper side of Hwy. 64.Until recently, cars could drive under the waterfall as the curtain of water showered over, but a heavy storm caused the rock under the fall to collapse. Today, people stop on the side of the road to view the waterfall. Five minutes with the waterfall is plenty.

Obviously, be careful around the site because cars are always racing by. There is ample parking, and you can get out and walk behind the waterfall. After a good rain, Bridal Veil becomes a torrent and is an exciting scene for those who cannot make it to some of the more difficult waterfalls.

If you make a visit to Bridal Veil Falls, be sure to check out Dry Falls, just down the road.