Scaly Mountain

Scaly Mountain is a bit further away than other hikes in the area. It is about five miles west of Highlands on Hwy. 106. The hike offers great views and a good trek through a varied wilderness. There is even a small waterfall near the trail.

From Cashiers, take Hwy. 64 West to Highlands, and take a right at the traffic light. Drive through town and take a left onto Hwy. 106. Travel approximately six miles and park at the Osage Mountain Vista. Take the stairs across the street to start the trail.

The trail begins moderately steep on a narrow trail. Continue up and listen for water; there is a spur trail that leads to a small waterfall. The trail will begin to flatten out and pass through some rhododendron. It can be wet in places, so be sure to wear shoes you don’t mind getting dirty. The trail actually becomes a stream for a bit.

Continue on, following the yellow blazes. There is a potentially confusing fork, where a small spur trial goes to a house. Pass this, as it lies on private property. Further on, the way intersects with another good-sized trail. At the three-way fork, go left. Be sure you are still following yellow blazes.

The trail will steepen again as it approaches Scaly’s summit. There are several overlooks once you reach the top with slightly different views. The trail can be a little overgrown after the second overlook.

Return the way you came to your car. Plan to spend at least two to three hours on this hike.