Salt Rock (Panthertown Valley)

0.3 mi.
Salt Rock is an easy place to reach with a great overlook of Panthertown Valley. The views of Big and Little Green Mountains and Black Rock Mountain are awe inspiring. For those looking for an easier hike with a great view, take the trek to Salt Rock.

Salt Rock is easy to find from the Salt Rock Gap parking area of Panthertown Valley. From the crossroads, take Hwy. 64 East to Cedar Creek Road and follow the road uphill. Just before the pavement ends, take a right onto Breedlove Road.

At the end of Breedlove, the road will form sort of a cul-de-sac. A gravel road leads to the left. The Salt Rock Gap parking area is at the end of this road.

Travel by foot about a quarter-mile to Salt Rock, where the view explodes before you.

You can continue to other destinations in Panthertown Valley from here, but it is highly recommended that you have a map before proceeding.