Whitewater River

Ranked with the Chattooga in American Angler, the Whitewater is another great wild brown trout river. Again, spring and fall are the peaks, but it is a popular summer destination as well. In summertime, the brown trout are wary, but you will find there is a population of rainbows.

Whitewater is no misnomer; this is a rugged stream. Wading conditions are strenuous. At times, evenin low water, the current is so rapid that wading across the stream is nearly impossible. It is smaller than the Chattooga, and above the Hwy. 281 bridge it can close in on you.

Below the falls, the pools are bigger and deeper. If you are willing to hike into the gorge, you will certainly find less anglers. Presentation is key on this stream. The fish are spooks, and if you are unable to meet the river’s casting requirements, you will get an education and not so many fish.