Tuckaseigee River

The “Tuck” is the largest river in our immediate area. It is used to generate electricity, and when the water is pumping wading is not safe. This is a hatchery supported river, so it does receive stockings throughout the year. But most fish it for its catch-and-release waters from October 1 through the first Saturday in June.

This five-mile stretch is considered “delayed harvest” and receives more stocked fish than any other river in North Carolina. When the water is down, wading is easy. Roadside access makes this another river that is perfect for those who do not want to walk or climb over rocks.

On Hwy. 107 North, the West Fork of the Tuck begins to follow the road just beyond Glenville. The East Fork comes in appx. 13 miles from Cashiers. This river is under hatchery supported regulations. No lure restrictions.

The delayed harvest section begins 23.2 miles from Cashiers and 2 miles beyond Western Carolina University, where 107 crosses the river. Look for the ice cream shop “Jack the Dipper” on the left. Turn left just beyond Jack the Dipper. This road follows the river and has easy parking and access.

For dam release information, call (866) 332-5253. Flow from the West Fork makes for good fishing. The East Fork is the big one! Wading is hazardous with both flowing. Add six hours to allow for the water to come up in the delayed harvest section.