Cashiers Fishing

  • Chattooga River
    Chattooga River

    The headwaters of the Chattooga River run through Forest Service lands. As it finds its way down the old-growth Hemlock forest, there is a trail system by its side that goes for miles. The fishing is at its peak in the spring and fall, but even summertime produces good days.

  • Davidson River
    Davidson River

    The Davidson is continuously ranked in the Top 100 of trout streams in the United States by Trout Unlimited. Running through Pisgah National Forest, this river has diversity. Its headwaters produce wild fish on dries in the summer.

  • Tuckaseigee River
    Tuckaseigee River

    The “Tuck” is the largest river in our immediate area. It is used to generate electricity, and when the water is pumping wading is not safe. This is a hatchery supported river, so it does receive stockings throughout the year. But most fish it for its catch-and-release waters from October 1 through the first Saturday in June.

  • Whitewater River
    Whitewater River

    Ranked with the Chattooga in American Angler, the Whitewater is another great wild brown trout river. Again, spring and fall are the peaks, but it is a popular summer destination as well. In summertime, the brown trout are wary, but you will find there is a population of rainbows.