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Cascade Conundrum: With so many magnificent waterfalls in one place, how to choose which ones to visit?

Dry Falls

You’ve come to Cashiers for a little quiet time, a little mountain repose. You’ve made peace with the wilderness; you’ve purged your inner demons. But now you want some adventure!

Western North Carolina offers some of the finest waterfall watching in the East. With more than twenty falls within thirty minutes of the Cashiers crossroads, where do you even begin?

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Kayaking Toxaway Falls: not recommended for ... anyone!

This is a kayaking video of some very aggressive (read: crazy) kayakers paddling sliding down some very steep falls on the Toxaway River.

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Whitewater Falls fogged in

On a recent trip down the mountain to South Carolina, I stopped by Whitewater Falls on Hwy. 281 to take some photos.  The clouds hung low with stormy weather in the area, and I was extremely disappointed to find the 400’ waterfalls veiled by fog.

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Making the most of a rainy day in Cashiers

This is the view I awoke to this morning:

Dreary morning on Lake Glenville

Not the most inspiring image, is it?  It’s beautiful in its own mysterious way, but it sure doesn’t shout, “Let’s go hiking and check out some waterfalls!” which is exactly what I’m going to do today.

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