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Rainbow Falls is one of the most dramatic falls in the Cashiers area. Silver Run Falls While it certainly isn't easy to reach, Bull Pen slices right underneath a road bridge. Middle Glen Falls during a rain. Lower Glen Falls
Rainbow Falls is one of the most dramatic falls in the Cashiers area. The 200' fall is located on the Horsepasture River near Sapphire. Get more information about Rainbow Falls »
Silver Run Falls is located just a short hike off of Hwy. 107 south of Cashiers. The 35' waterfall keeps a rather large plunge pool full of water for swimming. Get directions to Silver Run Falls »
While it certainly isn't easy to reach, Bull Pen slices right underneath a road bridge. It's a bit of a drive, but you won't have to go far once you park. More information on Bull Pen and directions »
Upper Glen Falls during a rain. Hiking down from Highlands, the second tier of Glen Falls cascades quite a way. Read more about Glen Falls »
Middle Glen Falls looks like a dream in this time-lapse shot. Find out how to visit Glen Falls »

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Hiking: Chattooga River Trail

more difficult
distance varies

From its trailhead on Whiteside Cove Road, the Chattooga River Trail stretches down the Chattooga River, designated a National Wild and Scenic River, from the Cashiers area all the way down its banks well into Georgia and South Carolina, where it becomes a border between the two states. Whether you’re looking for a nice few hour hike or a hard-core through hike, the Chattooga River Trail has something to offer.

While the Chattooga River Trail can be picked up at many points, the easiest way to access the trail from Cashiers is at the main trailhead on Whiteside Cove Road. From the Cashiers crossroads, drive south on Hwy. 107 1.8 miles to Whiteside Cove Road. Turn right and drive about 4 miles on the winding road. Look for a brown national forest sign that reads “Chattooga River Trail” and a small parking area on the left.

Early on, following the trail through some woodland, pay attention to the forks that merge with the trail. On your way back up, these forks can be somewhat confusing.

The trail steepens and enters into thickets of rhododendron. In late spring, the evergreen rhododendron blooms like a giant azalea. At times, the trail can be slippery and muddy. This area is actually considered by some to be a rain forest. Watch for roots and rocks.

As you follow the river, the trail will finally level out. Just ahead is the Chattooga Narrows, a dramatic section of the river that cuts under a cliff. Pay attention to your footing as the damp rock is covered with moss.

The river opens ahead into a wide pool at the intersection of Norton Mill Creek. An iron bridge (pictured) leads the way over the last throes of the creek before it drops into the Chattooga.

This is approximately three miles down the trail, a good turn-around point for a moderate hike. If you had a buddy with a car, another three miles or so ahead a large iron bridge (Bull Pen Rd.) crosses the trail at a small waterfall. This is a good place to park a car if you would like to make a point-to-point hike. See the Bull Pen listing (Waterfalls) for directions.

As mentioned, the trail continues for approximately 50 miles into Georgia and South Carolina, following the Bartram Trail and Foothills Trail later on, with campsites dotted along the way. For more information about the through-hike, see Brookings (Activities) or the Highland Hiker in Cashiers.

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